4 glasses of milk a day – a secret of youth and beauty

The ancient Greeks believed that milk is an elixir of youth and beauty, a source of health, it slows down aging and visibly makes human body more beautiful. It was thought that the food of gods – ambrosia is also a well-known milk.

Milk indeed is very rich in substances that are good for body care. It contains mineral ingredients: milk acids, protein, B group vitamins and trace minerals, it moisturizes the skin and helps it to regenerate from the deepest layers. Whey proteins, that can be found in milk, improves blood circulation, regulates production of collagen, and brightens the skin. Milk not only enriches the body to unfold the beauty, but it also strengthens the muscles and provides energy. Moreover, t contains little fat, so it is ideal for those who care about their weight.

According to the World Health Organization, protein should comprise 12-18 percent of the amount of energy obtained from food. Therefore, a woman that weighs 60 kilograms should get about 50 grams of protein from food. Some of these proteins are recommended to be gotten from milk. Every day, a women should drink 4 glasses of milk.

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