Foods that you should not be eating together

According to Ayurveda, mutually unbecoming products are highly prevalent in our menu. Therefore, we should get rid of some harmful eating habits. Here are some product pairs that you should not be eating together.

Fruits after meals

Fruits digest very quickly, so they cannot linger in the stomach. If you ate fruit after a hearty dinner, fermentation process is inevitable.

Lasagna or sandwiches with cheese

Protein and starch digestion requires a different level of acidity. Stomach start from the protein and starch are in the pipeline. Undigested starch ferments.

Cheese omelet with meat

One dish should not include this much of protein. You should get just one of the concentrated protein with one meal.

Oatmeal with milk

Oatmeal with milk and orange juice? The acid in the oranges destroys the enzyme responsible for starch digestion. In addition, acidic fruit can collapse milk, turning it into slimy substance.

Cucumbers and tomatoes

These products are not compatible because of metabolism on your body. When stomach acid is released to digest cucumbers, tomatoes are waiting in line and begins to ferment.

Bananas and milk

Those who like banana smoothies with milk should know that the combination is unfavorable for our body. To expedite digestion, pour a pinch of cardamom or nutmeg to your smoothie.

Yogurt and fruit

Any combination of dairy products with fruit slows down the digestive process, changing the intestinal flora, hampered withdraw toxins.

Please note that Ayurveda or Indian art have been known for more than 5 thousand. years. However, no scientific research has proven that it is reliable.

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