Tips to make a healthy sandwich

Sandwich is normally considered to be fast food which is usually not completely healthy. However, it may be safe to eat sandwiches even if you care about eating healthy. You just need to carefully select and combine the ingredients.

Choose whole-grain bread. Healthy sandwich should be made using bread that contains rye flour and is flavoured with a variety of seeds, linseed and bran. Avoid additional ingredients. Choose bread that contain the least possible sugar, yeast, colorants, aromas and other chemical additives, also dried fruits and nuts.

Avoid meat. Try replacing ham with steamed or grilled fish, seafood, vegetables legume-based spreads, soy, avocado and low fat dairy products.

Get more vegetables. You can use them raw, steamed or grilled. The more the better.

Sauce? Is it really necessary? Think twice, if your sandwich really needs a sauce. Butter, mayonnaise, sour cream or other fat-based sauces make your sandwich less healthy and valuable than it could be. If you would still like some sauce, choose it as simple as possible. Try mustard with honey, lemon juice or some vegetable spreads.

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