Help your tired eyes

Many people complain about dry eye symptom. The eyes become sensitive, it water because of the slightest irritation, light, wind, etc. People also often complain that their eyes become itchy, they find it difficult to open their eyes in the morning and so on. Moreover, your eyes can get more tired if you wear contact lenses, if you read a lot or work with computer.

There are various reasons why you eyes get dry: decreased tear production, hormonal changes because of some drugs, diseases or injuries. It’s often a disease of older people, but nowadays many younger ones are already complaining about it.

If you feel any of the symptoms of eye dryness, it is advisable to get some supplements for your eyes, use the eye drops of artificial tears, in the summer to wear sunglasses. It is also. It is also necessary to regulate work and rest time, make sure your workplace has a good lighting and your computer monitor is of a good quality. You shouldn’t go to the pool, lake or the sea with your contact lenses and visit your doctor regularly.

You can also strengthen your eyes eating fresh fruits and vegetables. The best ones are carrots, broccoli and blueberries. Do special exercises for your eyes. Simply close your eyes for a while, press the eyeballs, look through the windows into the distance.


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