Holiday pleasures that are harmful to your health

It is very common that after a great holiday we feel some problems of our health. So what pleasures of holidays can affect our health?

Abundant and unusual food

DYspepsia is a condition that most of people complain about when they go abroad. It’s too difficult to resist temptation to try everything that you have not eaten before. Even a single overeating is a stress to your stomach and liver. If this repeats, it can even affect your metabolism.

Antoher problem – alergic reactions to unfamiliar food. Allergy can develop even for those people who have never had digesting problems. Specialists recommend to taste just a little of unknown food and do not mix different dishes.

If during your holidays you had time zone difference, this can affect your immune system and it can become weaker. Stess experienced during acclimatization also reduces body’s resistance.

Sports and extreme

If you have been working in the office for the entire year and you didn’t have any physical activity, do not exaggerate having an active rest. Especially on the first days of your holidays. Even beach volleyball can lead to high blood pressure or even a heart attack, especially if you are over 40. If you still want to have active holidays, start with long walks along the seashore at first.

Aggessive sun

Everybody knows that the sun especially harms your skin. Another danger is a heat stroke. Heat stroke can even lead to death if a patient does not get proper help very quickly. If you have some heard problems or cardiovascular diseases, make sure to protect yourself against the sun.



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