How can we prevent back pain?

Pain of the lower back has become the most common pain among the adults. It has become an issue because we spend all day in office in sedentary position and, even if the job is active, we dedicate the remaining evening day for watching TV or working at laptop. However, back pain can be prevented if people would try these advices given by doctors:

Set a phone alarm

In order to don’t forget that you must stand up, stretch, go for a walk and exercise a bit, set a phone alarm. You should choose one of the most irritating ringtones to make you ready for stand up every hour.

Talk when you are walking

Think about your back when you are making the conference call. Just take your headset and go for a walk.

Use software

Have you noticed that there is a plenty of software suggesting various reminders and guides for treating the back pain? Try one of them and don’t let yourself hit “ignore” button!

Forget the remote

By putting away the remote control, you will be forced to stand up from the couch. Standing up to switch the TV program will help you not only do some stretch exercises but burn some calories as well.

Be active on commercials

When your favorite TV show is interrupted by commercial break, take off from the couch to stretch your legs, do some squats, grab a glass of water or even wash the dishes. This is one of the best ways capable to help you to prevent the back pain.

Use the treadmill to do some of your tasks

Though it may sound surprisingly, you can do many things on a treadmill, like reading the mails, catching up on reports or People magazine. However, don’t forget walking slowly and carefully while you are productively preventing back pain and doing some exercise.

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