How relationship changes woman’s weight

It turns out that woman’s weight depends on the stage of relationship she’s in! Weight can decrease in the first stages of romantic period but it can also start growing up after some time when unstable stage of relationship ends. This theory made by British researchers was corroborated by data got from the survey including 3,000 of women who gave their answers. 70 percent of them confirmed the fact that after meeting their life partner their weight has changed exactly in the same way just like it was calculated.

Authors of this study additionally explain the stages of relationship that seem to have a great influence on women’s weight:

Of course, the first period is love. When everything is unstable and new, weight tends to decrease and women lose 5.5 lbs in average. However, it lasts only until relationship becomes stable – it was calculated that in this stage women start gaining weight and become even 10 pounds heavier that they were. Researchers have also excluded the weddings stage that helps to lose 7 lbs for almost every woman. However, no matter how sad it may sound but the final stage pregnancy and childbirth adds 15.4 lbs approximately.

British researchers have also revealed why many couples divorce after the biggest holidays of the year, like Christmas or Easter holidays. It appears that the main reason why women find themselves left alone is the weight gain. According to the survey which includes 948 men and women, as soon as the girl gains 6.6 lbs, her boyfriend starts looking at other women. Researchers summarize that weight has a significant importance in making a decision if a person is attractive for us or not. However, doctors warn that we shouldn’t immediately start following strict diet in order to reduce weight gain.

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