How to avoid stress?

Our daily problems may exhaust us and leave us without any strength. According to scientists, these are the main habits that are the most stressful to us, so avoid them to save your nerves:

1. Regular lack of sleep

According to statistics, an average person slept 8 hours a night 40 years ago and now he sleeps only 6.5 hours. Sleep disorders are often initiated by stress and though many of us try to replace the lack of sleep by staying in bed for longer, this method does not provide benefit. Such practices may lead to irritability, depression and obesity.

2. Constant attempt to lose weight on a diet

Diet lovers can be divided into three categories: those that manage to lose weight and avoid so called yo-yo effect, those that simple limit the food they eat and those who constantly are experimenting with new diets. This group may be at risk of stress because they are constantly frustrated, feeling guilty because of the failure of their plans, punish themselves by fasting. The result of this physical and psychological stress.

3. Drinking litters of coffee

A cup of coffee increases the energy but one liter of coffee takes it back from you. That’s because body starts requiring the bigger and the bigger dose of caffeine in order to keep the levels of energy stable. In addition, big amounts of caffeine increase dehydration processes. If it’s difficult for you to refuse few cups of coffee, drink plenty of plain water.

4. Regular consumption of energy drinks

Never drink energy drinks in the morning because your body will get too much stimulation. These drinks are especially risky because they may damage your liver, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

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