How to deal with panic attacks?

What do you suggest for a person who got scared or even is in panic? “Calm down and breathe deeply.” Do not do that! Deep breathing may even worsen the situation.

Panic attack is an internal tension and attack of uncontrolled fear. The symptoms of this condition are:

• Higher pulse rate and stronger heart beat

• Certain areas of a body or the entire body is sweating

• Stupor, tremor which is not related to freeze or higher body temperature

• Shortness of breath

• Pain or discomfort in the left side of the chest

• Nausea, abdominal discomfort

• Dizziness, feeling like you will faint

• Fear of death

• Insomnia

There might be other symptoms as abdominal pain, hearing, vision or movement disorders, seizures of arms and legs. Fortunately, not every panic attack is related with a disease. So how to calm down?

First thing to do is to try to calm down and breathe calmly but no deep breaths. Remember about the properties of lavender and passion fruit. These fragrances can be used in order to relax, reduce blood pressure and nervousness. Mint or melissa tea is also a great prevention mean.


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