How to fight against emotional eating?

Are you gaining weight because you solve your stress related issues with food? Do you feel psychological addiction to food? Then you should continue reading. Here are some advices from psychologists and people who are interested in healthy lifestyle.

Overeatings is a striking feature of psychological dependence. Instead of trying to understand their true needs and desires, fears, anxiety and reasons of bad mood, people prefer to hide, run… and eat something tasty. Generally these treats come in many calories and become the cause of gaining weight.

You should get a habit to keep track of your emotional state and that will help you to run away from this addiction. When you think you will start eating because of emotional problems, psychologists recommend to try one technique.

Usually anxiety is accompanied by such thoughts as “What if I fail?”, “What if I would have done it differently?” They are intrusive and difficult to get rid of. So when you feel such thoughts, direct attention to bodily sensations. Do you feel muscle tension, or changes in heart rate, breathing, or pain in the abdomen, chest or other parts of the body? After analyzing the state of mind, focus on breathing. Feel every breath and exhaling, and soon discomfort will disappear..

No need to push away your thoughts, just follow your breath. This is nothing difficult, but the effect is guaranteed!


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