How to help your dry eyes?

Eyes have to be moist in order to function normally. This function is performed by tear film which protects cornea from drying out. If your eyes became red and itchy, it’s the first signal that they are drying out.

Why do eyes dry out? Usually every time we blink, the tear film is recovering so it can protect cornea. However, if there are any problems with tear film recovery, this protection becomes weaker and your eyes become more sensitive to light, computer, wind, etc. The tear film consists from three layers. Mucosal layer provides superior adhesion of tears on the eye surface and controls viscosity. Central layer is made up from water, so it moisturizes the eye and protects it from germs and viruses. Both of these layers and your eye are covered by lipid or otherwise fat layer that prevents water evaporation. Each layer performs its function, but with a single layer damage, functioning of other two layers is not the same.

Eye dryness can mostly occur for elderly people as their eyes start working worse. However, lately many young people have this problem too because of working on computer for too long, staying in dry, poor-ventilated premises. Sometimes eye dryness can be a side effect of certain medications.

How to help dry eyes?

• Limit the time you spend at the computer. If you have to work all day in front of computer, every hour make breaks of at least 5 minutes and let your eyes to rest and recover.

• Spend more time in the fresh air and natural light. Artificial lighting and air pollution cause fatigue and irritation.

• Stop smoking or at least reduce the number of cigarettes, as nicotine reduces the tear fluid production.


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