How to improve your sleep quality?

Good sleep at night ensures a happy and productive day. Sleep helps to restore all energy that you have used during the day and prepares you for another day. However, sometimes people start complaining that they cannot sleep well, are only able to sleep for few hours and suffer from insomnia no matter how tired they are. There are few reasons that contribute to insufficient sleep. Knowing how to deal with them may be very helpful to get back to normal sleep.

One of the most common reason why people are not able to sleep is depression or simple sadness. Bad mood makes you feel tensed, you are not able to relax and make your body rest. If it’s just a problem of sadness or bad mood, just try to get rid of this feeling by thinking about something that makes you happy, talking to your friends, reading a good book or doing anything that can improve your mood. If the problem goes deeper and you are suffering from depression, you should consider consulting to your doctor that would help you by picking a right treatment for you or even prescribing medications.

If you are able to sleep at night but later on keep waking up for a few times during the night, one of the best solution to deepen your sleep is by exercising. At least 30 minutes of aerobics 3 or 4 times a week may do miracles in improving your sleep quality.

Are you a snorer? You might say that this doesn’t bother you and is only affecting a sleep of your bedmate, but the truth is different. Snoring is often a sign of obstructive sleep apnea. It’s a disorder when breathing regularly stops while you sleep and in this way worsen the quality of your sleep. Besides, snoozing increases the risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, or stroke. Consult your doctor to get rid of this annoying disorder to avoid its consequences.

Last thing that may affect your sleep is the medications you are taking. If you can take your medications either in the morning or in the evening always do it in the morning. Some kind of meds for high blood pressure, cholesterol or diuretics can worsen your sleep.

Don’t forget that the environment you are sleeping in, a good smell in your bedroom, comfortable bed, clean and fresh bed linen and all other small things contributes to a better sleep too. Make sure to create a good atmosphere enjoy the time of your sleep.

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