How to prepare your children for school and stay calm?

Every morning makes you feel like running in a marathon? You are not the only one. Morning, especially when going to work and having children of the school-age, can be the most stressful part of the day. Here are some experts’ advices on what to do in the morning to become calmer. You may even find a minute a cup of coffee …


Prepare the night before
Don’t postpone something what you can do in the evening until the morning. You can prepare children’s clothes and pack their backpacks to save some time. Then think about what needs to be done in the morning and set the alarm clock. Decide how much time you will need for these works each night and do them before going to bed or before reading the story for your children.


Create a special place
Fi nd one place in your home that could be used for keeping all school-related items: backpacks, lunch boxes, books taken from the library, lunch money, letters and so on. This can be a box, a huge bag or any large container which should be filled with all of these things. Put it in a visible location, such as the corner next to door, which is seen by your children every time they leave and return from school.


Draw a poster of the morning routine
Getting up, brushing the hair, preparing the bed and breakfast, brushing teeth, putting on the boots, picking up a bagpack and going through the door! The poster with all these morning routine’s pictures (pictures are especially good when children still can’t read) will help your kids to stay on track and focus on what must be done. You can offer them to mark the job which was done with the colorful stickers.


Take your time for loving
Night’s sleep leaves children without their mother and father, so every morning is like refreshment for a child. In other words, children may be missing their mothers without any desire to quickly organize and go through the door. So, it may be worth allowing children to get up and briefly talk and hug with their mother to get enough attention. If this does not work, consider what needs to be changed in your daily routine.

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