If you have high blood pressure

The higher your blood pressure is the bigger chance you have to develop some cardiovascular disease which can lead to stroke or heart attack. Every fourth person in the world has blood pressure issues and most of them don’t even know that. Unfortunately, only half of them take blood pressure regulating medicine.

Blood pressure can jump for a variety of reasons: excitement, after smoking, drinking coffee, working out and so on. Initially, high blood pressure does not cause noticeable health problems and a person does not believe he needs medical help but eventually, he starts feeling fatigue, headache, nervousness, his memory gets worse and his sleep becomes disrupted.

If you feel you have blood pressure issues, you should always contact your doctor. There are also some natural ways how to lower you blood pressure.

If you have you blood pressure increase, drink dill seeds or thyme tea. Patients with hypertension are recommended to drink cranberry juice mixed with beetroot juice. Also eat celery more often. Limit the amount of sugar you get. It’s better to replace it with honey. Also reduce the amount of salt. Eat curd, since it has and ideal ration of potassium, calcium and magnesium.

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