Live healthier to avoid cancer

Scientists have proven that healthy lifestyle can reduce risk of getting cancer by 70%. Proper diet, exercising and refusing tobacco are considered to be the most important factors that protect from getting cancer. You will need only few changes in your lifestyle in order to increase prevention form this disease even more.

Processed meat is known to contain cancer causing heterocyclic amines that are on the top of the list of substances that increase risk of getting cancer. Doctors highly recommend limiting eating grilled meat. Before grilling you should make sure to marinate meat properly. Add rosemary, thyme and soak meat at least one hour before cooking. Eat meat with salad. Choose green vegetables that contain chlorophyll that is proved to reduce the risk of getting colon cancer. Vegetables also contain magnesium that affects your cells and protects them from negative impact.

Drink a right amount of liquids, particulary water which reduce the risk of bladder cancer. Water helps to flush cancer causing agents through the bladder faster. 8 glasses of water per day is just a right amount you should take. However, water is known to contain carcinogens and hormone disrupting chemicals. To reduce the number of them you are highly recommended to filter tap water. Remember that if water is stored in plastic bottles it can be affected by chemical contaminants. For this reason you are recommended to store your water in stainless steel or glass container.

Include coffee to your diet. It is scientifically proven that those who drink 5 cups of coffee a day reduce the risk of getting brain cancer by 40 %. Though tea is also known to contain caffeine, acccording to British researchers, coffee has a stronger power to protect against cancer than tea.

Don’t forget exercising. People that have overweight are considered to be at higher risk of getting cancer as fat produces its own estrogen that contributes to cancer. Make sure to work out regulary or at least have long walks every day.

Last but not leats, here are some products that are known as the best fighters against cancer: sweet potatoes, fresh raspberries, carrots, papaya, spinach, kale, brussels sprouts, broccoli. Add them to your every day diet and create a strong and resistant body.

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