Living with Diabetes

All diabetics know that they have to follow proper lifestyle because of their health. Diabete is divided into two types which are simply named Type 1 and Type 2. Children and young adults are usually categorized to Type 1, Type 2 diabete is considered to develop in years so older people usually belong to Type 2. Diabetes belonging to Type 1 have to take regular insulin injections as they are not able to produce insulin by themselves. The ones belonging to Type 2 usually don’t need to take insulin injections and have only to follow certain diet and have diabetic tablets, though in some cases insulin injections are necessary as well.

Diabete can affect your kidneys, heart, blood vessels and damage other parts of the body. It may also be a reason of bad vision, nerve damage and impotence in in men. The very first symptoms of having diabete is exessive thirst, weight gain or loss without a serious reason, dry skin, tingling in your body, fatigue. If you have noticed that wounds are healing slow, it can also be a symptom of diabete.

Diabetes have to take care of the level of sugars and glucose level in blood. Basically, it can be done by eating the right food, exercising and taking insulin injections or other medications prescribed by your doctor.

A diet for diabetes have to be made by consulting a doctor. Usually you have to watch what products affect your sugar and glucose level and consider what food has to be avoided as it is quite a personal thing. Regular exercising is another necessity that will help controlling blood sugar. Exercising is especially important for thoses diabetes that are overweight, as losing weight is the most imposrtant thing for them in orser to make diabate easier to handle with. As insulin injections are a part of a life of most diabetes, make sure to know how to store insuline and always carry it with yourself.

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