Magnesium – a leader in fight against stress

Magnessium is an essential element for normal nervous system activity. If you don’t get magnesium, the entire muscle system does not receive signals from the brain to calm down and relax. This leads to stress. People start feeling likecrashed, they feel muscle twiching, even if they sleep a lot, they feel like they didn’t sleep at all.

Magnesium makes work a number of enzymes involved in the metabolic processes. Without it our body simply couldn’t function.

Daily intake of magnesium is 300-800 mg. Since body itself doesn’t produce this element, we need to get its full dose with food. However, most people don’t get it with food as they don’t eat enough of unrefined fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables. The situation is deterioirated by eating fast food which is based on refined products and preservatives, lots of sugar and salt. It’s basically impossible to overdose magnesium, unless you get intravenous injections.

Even if you have a healthy diet, you can feel a lack of magnesium if you are under constant stress. If you constantly feel fatigue, depression, if you don’t sleep well, if you have a bad concentration, muscle cramp, these are the signs that you body lacks magnesium.

In order to get magnesium with food, you should eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Instead of using regular salt, use sea salt or mineral salt. Eat brown rice and buchwheat. Don’t forget vitamins that help to absorb magnesium – vitamin B6 (bananas, potatoes, brown rice, buckwheat), vitamin B13 (goat’s milk).

Other good sources of magnesium are broccoli, pork, beef, salmon, trout.


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