Men and women – two different sides

1. Already lying in the cradle male and female infants behave differently: boys rub their feet while girls are carefully exploring the environment.

2. It is thought that women are over-eloquent. Meanwhile, experts claim that men are much more illustrative, especially in front of the audience. And in general, they prefer to speak than listen to the interviewer.

3. Women tend not to open their wishes, therefore they easier go for compromise. That is why men are determined by their desires and often takes the unambiguous position.

4. Women wake up at night twice more often than men. At the time they tend to dream nightmares twice more ofeten than boys.

5. In the age of 14-16 years 27 percent of boys and 53 per cent of girls like reading books. However, boys are more interested in adventure and fantastic books, while girls – romantic and sentimental literature.

6. Girls are much more modest evaluating their chances and abilities, therefore in case of failure at school  tend to justify it with the lack of talent. Meanwhile, the guys in such cases, admit that it is due to lack of diligence.

7. 59 percent of women and 44 per cent of men like  to look at their reflection in the mirror for a long time. However, men and women experience different emotions. Tests show that 68 percent men and only 22 per cent women are satisfied with their appearance.

8. Psychologists proposing to select one of two colors: red and blue, found that men prefer red, and women – blue.

9. 36 percent men tend not to show too much attention to their appearance after marriage. However, only every fourth married woman pays less attention to their apearance.

10. Men and women differently take their decisions too. The first take it independently, while the latter – ask for advice.

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