Menopause. How to change your every day habits?

Menopause is a period that many women associate with a bunch of bad feelings and a change in their lives. However, most of unpleasant surprises can be controlled.


Keep the tone of your heart. The main thing that will help you to achieve this is regular exercising. Physical activity helps to balance blood pressure, to lower cholesterol levels and reduce a risk of heart diseases. Even if you never head problems with your heart, you can start feeling the first symptoms. As soon as you find some new symptom, such as palpitations, sweating, nausea, respiratory problems, you should consult your doctor.


Proper nutrition and heat waves. At least 75% of women experience heat waves during menopause, but only 20% of them have problems that later requires special treatment. Besides, did you know that scientists have proved that women who experience these heat waves reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases by 11%.


to avoid this problem you should make some changes in your diet. Include tofu, soy meat, soy beans and other foods that contain estrogens to your diet. They will help you to reduce these heat waves. Spicy food, alcohol (especially wine) and caffeine have the opposite effect, so you should avoid them.


Quality sleep. Make sure you let some air into your room before going to sleep. Try always sleeping and waking up at the same time and do not eat to much before going to bed. These simple rules will make miracles.

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