Mistakes causing sleep troubles

A good night’s sleep depends on everything. Even your dinner or drink taken after it can make you forget about sleep and stay eyes wide-open all night long. Here are surprising reasons that can make you stare at the ceiling until the morning:

Drinking alcohol 4 or less hours before your bedtime. Alcohol makes you feel restless what additionally will cause troubles when trying to get some sleep. So, if you want to get a good night’s sleep, you should refuse the second glass of wine at dinner.

Eating your main meal after 8 p.m. When trying to recover during a night, eat only a light meal which has about 500 calories and no more. That’s because your digestive system needs to have some time to calm down. Besides, pay attention to spices – they can also awaken you.

Drinking caffeine after 6 p. m. All experts suggest drinking coffee, green tea, chocolate and cola on the first part of your day. That’s because caffeine which is in all those drinks may stay in your body for 12 hours and initiate sleeping problems.

Being on a diet. If sleep is an issue for you, you should think about your empty stomach. Drink a glass of milk just before going to bed and you will feel sleepy.

Smoking just before going to bed. Everyone knows that nicotine is a stimulant that can’t be compared with a good night’s sleep. If you can’t simply quit smoking, avoid it in the evenings!

Working until the bedtime. Bringing work from the office is a big mistake if your sleep is important for you. You should write down a list of tomorrow’s tasks and do them with brightened eyes in the morning. And make sure it does not turn to reading work papers in bed.

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