Natural aphrodisiacs for Valentine’s day

What’s an aphrodisiac? It may be a certain perfume, food and drink or even a special atmosphere, which additionally increases sexual desires for you and your partner. Human’s mind is created to respond to food, smells, feelings, colors and etc, so try these things to seduce your lover before the Valentine’s Day.

Spices: chilli peppers, curry and other spices have been approved to have aphrodisiac effects. Think about it: spicy food speeds up your heart and additionally promotes perspiration!

Oysters: Oysters are admitted to be an aphrodisiac because they are high in zinc, necessary for sperm production and D-aspartic acid with N-methyl-D-aspartate that will additionally increase testosterone level and your sexual energy.

Chocolate: Because of two chemicals, phenylethylamine and serotonin, chocolate lights up pleasure areas in the brain and increases sexual desire, so don’t forget a dessert on a Valentine’s Day! 

Wasabi: As long as you may have believed that sushi has the aphrodisiac powers, we can tell you another little secret – wasabi or horseradish will also make a miracle and increase your partner’s sexual mood. So, the next time you make the order for sushi, ask for more wasabi.

Soy: When eating sushi, you should also ask for more soy sauce. Natural nutrients found in soy have been noticed to lower the chances of developing cancer of prostate, so it’s especially valuable for men. Besides, it helps to gain the muscle mass and has zero cholesterol and almost no saturated fat that lead people to impotence.

Ginseng: The root of ginseng has been approved to have stimulating and energizing properties. If you feel tired, it will give you the same energy you get from caffeine.

Vanilla: Vanilla’s flavor improves central nervous system, so its sweetness additionally gives euphoric effect stimulating sexuality for both men and women. Therefore, few drops of vanilla essence inside your tea will make a miracle.

Musk. Believe this or not, many experts say that musk smells exactly as testosterone (man’s sexual hormone)!

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