Natural products that will help you to treat sunburnt skin

If you have very light skin, you probably know how painful it can be if you stay in the sun for too long. But what to do if you don’t have any products that help sunburnt skin at home? What natural products can reduce the pain and redness?

1. Aloe. Use the inside part of aloe leaf. Crush it a little bit and rub gently into your skin. Leave it for about 20 minutes then rinse it off.

2. Milk. Prepare a lukewarm bath with a glass of milk. Stay in such bath for at least 10 minutes.

3. Vinegar. Add one tablespoon of vinegar to one glass of water. Soak a cotton ball in this solution and apply it to the burnt areas.

4. Oatmeal. Add some boiling water to a cup of oatmeal and smash it with a blender. Prepare a bath with this oatmeal. Stay in this bath for about 15-20 minutes.

5. Honey. Apply some honey to the sunburnt areas.

6. Potatoes. Use potato juice on the affected areas. You will see the result instantly.

7. Teak. Soak a towel in cold tea. Put in on sunburnt skin and let the tea sink into the skin.


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