Onion – a natural medication that can help you every day

Onions can be simply incredible when assisting you on curing a wide variety of diseases. They are rich in flavonoids that have anti-inflammatory or anticancer properties. These vegetables also work as antibiotics and help your body get rid of unnecessary toxins.

Onions help resist colds

Onions are really effective in fighting colds. If you feel the first signs of cold, pour some hot water on minced onion and drink this tea. It will clear your sinuses and ease a sore throat.

Onions are effective in treating cough

This simple recipe can help alleviate and cure cough. Peel one onion and cut it in half. On each half of the onion put half a teaspoon of brown sugar. Leave the onions for one hour, then drain off the liquid. Drink this syrup twice a day.

Onions reduce ear pain

If you have pain in the ear, a piece of onion can help. Before going to bed, put a tiny piece of onion in the ear and leave it overnight. In the morning you will feel much better.

Onions treat burns

If you burned yourself in the kitchen, use some onion. Cut it in half and hold on a burnt place for couple of minutes. Onions soothe burns and speed up the healing process.

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