The benefits of apple cider vinegar

Healthy intestinal support

Apple cider vinegar can protect your intestines from infections: it kills putrefaction bacteria and helps maintain healthy intestinal flora. Apple vinegar also improves bowel movements. If you have problems in digesting protein  because of a lack of hydrochloric acid, apple cider vinegar may be the perfect remedy: it is recommended to drink a glass of boiled water with a few spoons of apple vinegar before meals. Apple cider vinegar can help with food poisoning: every two hours, drink a glass of boiled water with a spoon of apple vinegar.

Curing hangover

Hangover is a really an unpleasant condition that often lasts for an entire day. Your hangover will be much easier if you drink a glass of boiled water with a spoon of apple vinegar and a teaspoon of honey before drinking alcohol. This drink helps to maintain a good mood, it is invigorating, prevents muscle pain and strengthens the immune system.

Better blood flow and normal blood renewal

If you have high blood pressure, make a compress with apple cider vinegar and keep it on your feet  for 10 minutes. If you  drink two glasses of water with apple vinegar daily, it will improve your blood regeneration process.

Bone thinning treatment

Osteoporosis is a disease, which usually affects people over 50 years old. The main symptoms are muscle pain, and your bones become fragile, which leads to increased risk of fractures. Grind 10 eggshells and pour them with apple vinegar. Leave it for a week in a dark place. Take half a teaspoon before bedtime every day.

Insect bites

During the warm season, it is not always possible to avoid insect bites. Apple cider vinegar can effectively remove unpleasant sensations. Apply apple vinegar, wait until it dries and then apply some more. Apple cider vinegar effectively relieves itching.

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