What you need to know about pineapples?

Delicious pineapples are many of our favorite fruits. However, they not only have a special taste, but also lots of vitamins and minerals. So why should we add more pineapples to our diet?

  • Pineapples strengthens immune system. They are rich in vitamin C, which prevents cell damage.
  • Pineapples strengthen our bones. These fruits contain a lot of manganese which strengthens the bones and connective tissues. A glass of pineapple juice contains 70% of the daily requirements of minerals.
  • Pineapples reduce blood clotting. Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme which prevents blood from clotting too much. In particular, these fruits are recommended for pilots, stewards and other people working at high altitude.
  • Pineapples relieve stress. They contain B group vitamins that improve our performance and functionality of the brain, as well as reduce the sources of stress.
  • Pineapples treat cough and colds. Large amounts of bromelain and vitamin C help to fight colds and cough.
  • Pineapples help prevent cancer. They contain antioxidants that fight free radicals and prevent some oncological diseases.
  • Pineapples strengthen skin and nails. They are rich in vitamin A and B group vitamins, so they are good in strengthening nails and cleansing skin from the inside.
  • Pineapples improve intestinal functions. They help maintain healthy intestinal flora, prevent inflammation and diarrhea. In addition, pineapples help to digest protein.

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