Nordic walking

Nordic walking it’s a new type of walking which can’t be imagined without poles helping to keep the balance. Originating from Finland, this type of walking is invented as a replacement for the ski training when the summer season comes. Additionally, this method of walking has been admitted to be as useful as other physical activity, such as fitness or aerobics.

There are many reasons why should you start Nordic walking: this activity does not require much investment, its technique can be easily comprehended and suitable for all ages and any time of the year. In addition, people get a great possibility to spend some time in a fresh air and have almost 90% of their body muscles and joints actively working without any pressure on their back or joints.

Nordic walking combines simplicity and effectiveness, just like Nordic skiing. It’s a surprising fact that it consumes more energy than walking normally – at the same speed without poles you can burn about 50% less calories than walking with poles. That’s because not only legs but arms and upper side of your body are actively trained. If you want to improve your heart rate or aerobic endurance, train your cardiovascular system and fasten metabolism, start propagating Nordic walking. An hour of such activity will help you to burn 400 calories.

There is one basic rule of Nordic Walking – when you are moving forward with your left foot, put the right hand which holds the pole at the same time. Clothing and footwear should be comfortable, and the poles should be properly selected according to your height because incorrect length may add stress to your knees, hips and back. Note that they are significantly shorter than those recommended for cross-country skiing.

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