Osteochondrosis. How to reduce the pain?

Statistics show that about 90% of people at least sometimes suffer from back pain. There can be plenty of causes of this, starting from digestive tract diseases to spinal osteochondrosis. So how to reduce the discomfort and to avoid it?

Pains caused by osteochondrosis can be very bad. If you sit or lay for a longer time you can start feeling intrusive and sharp pain. The same can happen if you make some abrupt movements. This can happen due to strangulated nerve endings, cramps, and swelling.

If you have frequent back pains, pay attention to your lifestyle. How much time you spend not changing your position (sitting or standing). Or maybe you have to lift big weights?

To prevent or facilitate osteochondrosis try to sit as little as possible. Whenever you are sitting, try to keep your back straight. Every time you are sitting for one hour or longer, make breaks and exercise a little bit. Walk, stretch your muscles and so on. If you have to lift something heavy, make sure you do it correctly. Squat down and make sure all load is put to your legs when you are lifting, instead of your spine. You should also strengthen your abdominal muscles. It will help to reduce the load on your spine.

These simple tips can help to reduce discomfort and prevent more serious problems in future.

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