Potential relationship crisis. How to deal with?

Relationship crisis is not the best time in a couple’s life, but it doesn’t mean that this must end with divorce. Firstly, it’s necessary to know all the causes of this uncomfortable situation and additional rules of the game trying to protect themselves from unwanted consequences. Psychologists have revealed three the most common problems couples may have to overcome during their first years of life and share possible ways of elimination:

The first year of living together

Causes of the crisis: This is the first and most predictable crisis couples may have to cope with. During the first year of marriage, two people must learn living together under one roof, solving financial problems or just sharing one closet and bath before going to work. For example: she gets up very early while he likes to watch TV until 3 o’clock in the morning and sleep until the middle of the day or she is used to spend her weekends with her friends and purchase shoes or clothes when the family can barely pay for the bills. We could find even more reasons for the crisis arising from the different habits and attitudes in a young’s family life.

Solution: If people love each other and really want to stay together, ways to overcome the crisis can be quite simple by finding a compromise. People should avoid any ultimatums and should always think twice before saying something. Never keep silence if you don’t like something and change your point of view to some problems.

The first child

Causes of the crisis: It’s quite normal that when pregnant, woman focuses on her future child and after giving a birth she gives more of her attention to the child as well. During this period, her partner may start feeling lonely and envious, because her woman shares less time with him and pays less attention. It’s quite a frequent situation that additionally men start looking for someone who is ready to give them opportunity to become necessary. Here the crisis arises.

Solution: When pregnant, woman should involve her husband in the whole process and show that he is an important and necessary person in the whole process. Immediately after giving a birth, husband should also be included into looking after a baby because this child belongs for both of you. Leave them alone with each other and let a man know his child better.


Causes of the crisis: After 7-9 years of marriage families often overtake so-called crisis of boredom. All their feelings and situation become stable: family, children, work, life, social environment. This is the time when you can tell what the upcoming month will be because mostly there are no surprises, sometimes even romance.

Solution: Ways to cope with this situation is trying to remember that all what has been achieved is not the finish and people can’t stop, it is necessary to move forward. The couple needs challenges like starting building a house with a breath taking interior and should remember surprises that they used to do for each other. Besides, start doing everything together like you used to do.

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