Myths and truths about infertility

Infertility problems are inherent problems, lifestyle does not have an effect. MYTH. One of the most important factors of infertility is constant stress. Stress accompanied with some bad habits, like smoking or drinking has a direct effect on the immune system and fertility issues.

Overweight affects fertility. TRUTH. Overweight is especially dangerous for men. Weight gain naturally increases female hormones. This leads to reduced sexuality, blood lymph stasis, prostate problems, etc. Moreover , in case of overweight,  less blood flows to the genitals which weakens the masculine force.

What we eat has no effect on the reproductive system. MYTH. Due to the high pace of life and stress people eat chaotic. This can also weaken our immune system and affects fertility.

Older men will inevitably face fertility and erectile problems. MYTH. The oldest dad in the world got his son when he was 96 years old. Healthy lifestyle and an adequate response to stressful situations are much more important than your age.

General body condition does not affect sexual function. MYTH. All of our organs under the same “roof”. You are a one-piece body, an integrated system, each member of which is related to another.

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