The importance of water during pregnancy

No one can deny that water is vital to human body, but during the period of pregnancy, it becomes even more important. Pregnant women are recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water every day, which about 8-12 glasses. Here are the reasons why pregnant women should drink plenty of water:

Increased blood volume. During pregnancy, the blood volume increases by 50-60 percent. This ensures supplying fetus with nutrients. Since about 80 percent of the blood volume is water, it is necessary to drink enough of it to ensure proper blood production.

Urinary tract infections. Due to physiological changes, pregnant women are more prone to suffer from urinary tract infections. To prevent this, be sure to drink plenty of water, to ensure all bacteria are washed out of the urinary tract.

Swelling prevention. A small swelling in the second half of pregnancy due to increased blood volume is normal. However, sometimes swelling can greatly complicate a daily life of a pregnant woman. Water improves circulation of fluids in the body, as well as washes excess salt out, which promotes fluid retention.

Stretch marks prevention. Stretch marks are one of the most unpleasant cosmetic problems during pregnancy. To avoid them, it is important to maintain good skin elasticity. It is important to consume enough water to have your skin hydrated. Water improves skin elasticity and prevents the appearance of stretch marks.

Prevention of premature birth. Dehydration in the third trimester of pregnancy can cause premature birth. In some cases, premature birth can be suppressed by drinking enough water.

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