Prevention of swollen feet

At the end of the day after some physical activity many adults, especially women, complain about their swollen legs. Mostly because of the hot weather or uncomfortable shoes, legs may start to swell for even completely healthy people. However, daily increase of your feet is an abnormal phenomenon, so it is necessary to consult the doctor to find the cause and apply the necessary treatment. If preventive measures are taken on time, nasty swelling of the feet can be prevented.

Causes of the swollen feet are very different. One of them may be a start of leg veins varicose or inadequate circulation of lymph. Your legs may also start to swell because of the flat-footedness, various foot and ankle deformation problems, bones illnesses, muscles, kidneys, endocrine glands or heart diseases.

So, how to avoid swollen feet?

First of all, it is necessary to wear comfortable shoes, that don’t tire your feet. Narrow or high-heeled shoes are not recommended because they deform and suffer the foot, weaken shin muscles. The most suitable shoes for avoiding swelling feet are 3-5 cm high and though it sounds quite unusual, too low heels are also not recommended.

The sole of shoe should be firm, perfectly fitting the shape of your foot. Soft soles are not recommended because they eventually may cause flat-footedness. This should also be applied for wearing slippers at home, so choose the ones with hard soles.

In summer, for everyone – adults and children as well – is would be very healthy to walk barefoot as much as possible.

If your feet start swelling, you should avoid long-standing work. For those who work standing (shop workers, hairdressers, etc.), it is advisable to wear comfortable shoes with low heels and hard soles. Besides, wearing compression stockings is also recommended.

Every 1-2 hours people should take a five minute break and do some exercises: tiptoe, crouch, massage their feet and legs in several directions. All this activity moves the blood in veins, reduces swelling, fatigue and encourages leg tissues to supply nutrients and oxygen more actively.

Leg blood and lymphatic circulation are positively affected by sports, like swimming, jogging or riding a bicycle. Daily walks from 1 to 1.5 hours of 4-6 kilometers are also very useful especially for employees that work a sedentary job. However, excessive amount of sports overloads leg veins, encourages leg swelling.

Being overweight is a very harmful thing for your legs as well. It’s not only the additional stress for your feet, which prevents blood and lymph circulation, but it also overloads your heart.

If swollen, raise your feet above and cover them with a blanket. However, to reduce this uncomfortable feeling, don’t cover them too warm.

So, by following these instructions above, you may prevent leg swelling. But don’t forget that it is necessary to see the doctor for a medical research.

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