Relation among toxins, overweight and immunity

Natural and chemocal toxins are accumulating in everyones‘ bodies. These harmful substances cause intoxication which affects our mood, weakens immunity and accelerates aging processes. It is also one of the reasons of skin problems, cellulite, dry and brittle hair and formation of wrinkles.

The most common causes of overweight

The lack of physical activity, junk food, bad habits become additional dose of toxins in our body. It all complicates hormonal changes and pregnancy. Our body cannot function normaly and gets weaker. Bad mood, constant lack of energy, headaches, intestinal disorders are the most common symptoms.

Very often people complain that they cannot lose weight even when they work out and have a proper diet. The reason of that are harmful substances that accumulate in our body and disturb blood circulation. Then skin and kidney do not function properly, toxins accumulate in intercellular fluid. This fluid accumulates on our hips, knees, stomacc and so on which cause cellulite and weight gain. Only a diet and exercising cannot remove this fluid. You have to detoxicate your body.

Detoxification is a long and difficult process that can take several months. Remember that if toxins were accumulating for a few years they cannot be removed in one day. However, detoxification is necessary.


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