Secrets your doctor needs to know

Doctor should know all the details about you, even the ones that are the most confessing for you. Some of your health issues may seem to be not so important to be told for your doctor, but remember that they could help you to get better treatment, improve health care quality and even save your life. So, find the most common secrets women keep and say them to your doctor.

1. “I’m on extreme diet”

One week spent consuming only some fruits and coffee won’t be approved by any doctor because it has its risks. Extreme diets sometimes include laxatives that may leave your body dehydrated. You may additional harm the heart and kidneys, so talk to your doctor about a better weight-loss plan.

2. “I forgot about the pills you prescribed.”

When you leave your doctor’s office, you simply forget about a prescription or, even if you don’t forget to get the pills, you forget about taking them. The symptoms of your health problem are still there, so the doctor may think that they aren’t working. Additionally, your doctor may decide to change the dosage or the prescription which may put off your recovery and cause side effects. Talk to your doctor.

3. “My family’s health history is not very good.”

There is no surprise that people avoid telling for their doctor about the father who had cirrhosis or mother suffering from depression. However, they should because doctor can help you to catch these scary diseases in their very first stages.

4. “I’m also seeing another doctor.”

People avoid telling about another doctor on the side because they don’t want to hurt one’s feelings. However, maybe there is no need to tell your doctor that you are leaving him and won’t come again but you definitely warn him if you are seeing two doctors at the same time. Two separate doctors should have a possibility to share test results and be sure that their pills prescribed can work together.

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