Stress leads to gastric and duodenal ulcers

Constant stress, poor diet and bad habits often result to burning pain in the upper abdomen. This may be one of the first signals notifying about the development of stomach or duodenum ulcer. It can develop not only for adults but also for children.

In nowadays world, stress is an often phenomenon. It has been scientifically proved that the activity of our organism depends on our moods. Actually, short-term stress can even be beneficial to our body: it stimulates activities, inventiveness but if this kind of experience occur very often, it can lead to emergence of various diseases. The biggest effects are usually on our digestive system.

People suffering from stress, often complain about digestion problems. Many people lose appetite or the opposite – start eating unhealthy food. This leads to development of ulcer.

It has been noticed more and more cases of children suffering from ulcer pain. Wrong diet, conflict situations at school or family, many activities after school, chronic sources of infections, weak immune system are the factors determining gastric and duodenal ulcers. Doctors tend to notice that stress-induced diseases are typical for school-age children and this phenomenon is growing rapidly.

Treatment of ulcers can take up to more than one month. The child must be guaranteed peace, possitive emotions, regular diet and good sleep. Accoriding to medics, adequate enviroment has a significant impact on patients.


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