Surprising things causing flu

Doctors say that no matter how often we talk about flu prevention, patients still are unaware and don’t know the most elementary reasons of its appearance. So, which are the most common ones?


According to the American scientists, panic and stress weakens our immune system and makes us susceptible to infections, not speaking about such effects as insomnia, digestive and cardiovascular disorders.

Nail biting

This habit seems to be not only non-aesthetic – nails accumulate the bacteria and viruses, so doing it may cause various problems to your health. If you still can’t cope with this unpleasant reflex, try to wash your hands more frequently at least.


Smoking weakens human’s immune system and opens the way for infection. In addition, lungs damaged by smoke find it difficult to cope with virus attacks, so smokers are at the much bigger risk of flu complications.


British Immunological studies have shown that even a one-time consumption of heavy alcohol ‘turns off’ our immunity for more than one day. In addition, alcohol ‘dries out’ our body which because of the lack of moisture loses the natural ability to protect itself against infection.

Frequent visits to your doctor

During the cold season, doctors claim that we risk our health when we frequently go to see them. Though it sounds quite surprising, that’s because numerous of sick people who sit in the same corridor one next to other and unnoticeably share their infections. Doctors recommend avoid visiting the places where many people gather on the cold season.

Sweating in the gym

Everything is fine when it’s done in moderation. Normal physical activity strengthens the immune system, but when we work extremely hard we deteriorate its protective function.

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