The importance of drinking water during pregnancy

Nobody can deny that water is vital for humans. However, during pregnancy it becomes even more important. Pregnant women are recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water every day that is 8-12 glasses. Below we provide reasons why pregnant women should drink a lot of water.

Increased blood volume. Volume of blood circulating in the body increases by 50-60 percent during pregnancy. This ensures proper supply of nutrients for developing fetus. Since about 80% of blood volume is water, it is extremely necessary to drink enough of it to ensure proper blood production.

Urinary tract infections. Pregnant women are more likely to suffer from urinary tract diseases because of physiological changes during pregnancy. To avoid that, you should drink plenty of water as it increases urinary excretion rate and bacteria is washed out before causing any infections.

Sufficient quantity of amniotic fluid. 99% of amniotic fluid consists of water. From about 25 week, it starts increasing by approximately 50 milliliters every week and on 37 week reaches approximately one liter. Then it starts reducing until delivery. Maintaining good quantity of amniotic fluid is very important part of pregnancy and for this reason you should drink enough of water.

Swelling prevention. Due to increase of blood volume, small swelling in the second half of pregnancy is normal. However, it can greatly complicate daily routine of a pregnant woman. Drinking enough water improves circulation of fluids in the body as well as washed excess salts which promote fluid retention.


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