Ways to avoid flu

Only few of us don’t complain about cold weather when he gets flu. However, according to experts, cold weather is not the main cause of colds.

True, changes in temperature and humidity have a negative impact on the human’s body and make it sensitive to various viruses and infections. Scientific studies have shown that flu can be caused by more than 100 types of viruses, but it can be hardly said which one of them has the biggest effect to our healthy because viruses tend to mutate. The viruses causing flu are generally given by environment: those who have flu spread into the air lots of small droplets by 3-5 meters and infect healthy people through this way. In addition, touching things of a sick person, smooth surfaces, for example metal door handles, as well as traveling by public transport or visiting other places filled with large crowds of people also increases the possibility of flu. Once the virus enters the human body, it begins to multiply rapidly and makes us feel sick.

In order to avoid seasonal flu, it is important to have enough rest and sleep, be physically active and have right eating habits. You can strengthen your body with a help of herbal tea flavored with lemon, grapefruit seed extract, substrates containing aloe (which is a natural immunomodulator), Iceland moss extract. It‘s great way to strengthen your body by using a combination of vitamin C, zinc and Echinacea mixture. It makes the human immune cells to fight on their own with a variety of pathogens. To strengthen immunity, you should also try using fish oil Omega-3, which is rich in vitamins A and D. To stay healthy, it is necessary to include garlic in your diet, which has antibacterial effects, as well as vitamins, especially vitamin C. 

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