Weather changes and health issues. How to help yourself?

Changes in temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure can lead to some health issues. Although it is very individual there a few things that you should know about.

Migraine. Make sure you do not drink red wine or natural coffee as together with high temperature these products can cause headache. You should also try sleeping longer at least for couple of hours and avoid stressful situations. Professional head and neck muscles massage is also a great solution.

Shortness of breath and general weakness. Keep a track on your blood pressure, consult your doctor if you notice any changes. You should drink more water and take a cool shower couple of times per day.

Exacerbation of asthma and allergies. Limit the intake of citrus fruits, tomatoes, coffee and chocolate. Consult your doctor about the medications you can take.

Osteochondrosis, radiculitis, joint pains. Quite often when the weather suddenly gets humid and cold, people start feeling back pains. Usually you should be taking medications that relax musles and inhibit inflammations.

General advices for people who feel their health changes together with the weather:

• Make sure you exercise several times per week;

• Adjust your diet. It is equally harmful both to overeat and eat too little.

• Sleep well. Sometimes a good quality mattress can solve the problem completely.

• Give up bad habits.


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