How to find the best way to lose weight?

New weight-loss methods are springing up like mushrooms after the rain, but there is no universal way. Everyone has to find their “recipe”. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that the main causes of weight gain are only three: too many calories, excessive servings and lazy lifestyle. Everything is simple, and there is no mysticism in here. All individual weight-loss programs are based on 4 stages.

  1. Give up dieting

Many of us still believe in miraculous slimming methods that help in a very short time to get rid of a lot of weight. It seems to us that it is possible for a few days suffer a bit and then look like a model. Unfortunately, everything is not quite so, and we pay with our health if we use such extreme weight loss methods.

Today, almost every female believes that sheneeds to be on a diet. And unfortunately most of them have  temporary effects when losing weight. But what we actually should do is to change our habits and get to know more about healthy lifestyle instead of dieting.

  1. Look for causes of weight gain

This can be very interesting. If your weight is increasing, this means that you gain more energy than you consume. When you find out the causes and consequences, all unnecessary kilograms stop growing and start to melt. In order to lose weight often it is enough just to adjust one or two habits.

  1. Strive for balance

If you want to lose weight, it is necessary to get less energy (that is to adjust your diet), and to use more energy (in other words, you need to increase your physical activity). It is up to you how to do it. For example, if instead of three sandwiches in the morning, you will eat a plate of porridge, you can save about 800 calories a day, and that is 39 kg per year!

Menu adjustments will be more effective if you increase your physical activity. Again, it depends on you. There is no “good” or “bad” physical activities, there are only  activities that you like or not. Think about what would make you happy in a long time. Maybe it is swimming, maybe horseback riding, dancing or walking with your dog? There are so many choices! The most important thing is to prevent having days on a couch.

  1. Do not forget that the most important is not ideal, but “comfortable” weight

One of the most common mistakes are seeking to recover the weight you had, for example, 20 years ago. Objectives should be realistic! Even if you’re able to realize your dream, be sure to be realistic. Sooner or later you will see that all this is not worth such suffering and you may even quit everything.

You need to lose weight sensibly. When you reach a normal and comfortable “weight, you need to calm down and take a breath. Forget the “ideal”. It does not exist. Each person’s body type is different, and it has different muscle and fat ratio, bone density, etc.

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