How to keep your weight stable when having a sedentary job?

Office and computer are a common work environment for most people in the modern world. Even if your job involves a lot of creativity, you probably still spend most of your time you spend at the computer. What’s more, computer has become a key not only to work but also it became an entertainment tool, so some people spend almost entire day sitting.

Scientists and health experts have been alerting that long sitting is no less hazardous to health than smoking and it does not just make your gain weight, but also shortens the life span.

Lunch is not only to kill hunger

Perhaps the only time when office workers can properly move is a lunch break. However, many of us have lunch in front of computer, surfing the Internet. The food is usually not the healthiest either.

According to specialists, lunch break is not only to fill your belly, but also to move, rest your eyes from the computer and change the environment. By the way, it is scientifically proven that eating while surfing the Internet distracts the feeling of satiety. The inevitable result is extra kilos.

Snacking trap

Constantly sitting and not moving at all makes our metabolism to slow down automatically. What is the solution? Go for a quick walk at lunch, choose a home-made food, avoid fast foods, drink enough of water, snack on fresh or dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, and mixtures thereof.

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