What can have influence on your allergy?

Summer is not the best season for people who have allergies. Allergic people have a variety of tricks how to avoid it, like avoiding being outdoor, not opening windows at home or take medications. However, it is worth thinking about factors that have influence on emergence of allergies.

      Stress. Stress hormones promote secretion of proteins which increase allergic reactions.

Alcohol. Studies have shown that alcohol may increase allergic reaction. One glass of wine is not bad, but every extra one increases the risk of getting allergy by 3 per cent.

Washing clothes in low temperature. This may sound weird. However, we all know that high temperature can kill many bacteria. Of course you cannot wash all your clothes in high temperature. But try washing at least your bed linen in at least 60 degrees.

Houseplants. If you noticed that you start sneezing when you are close to some plants, you shouldn’t keep them at home.

Swimming pool. Chlorine can badly weaken your immune system. You should always wear goggles when you are swimming in chlorinated pool.

Smoking and staying in smoky rooms is also a huge factor that increases the chances of your allergy to start.


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