What can you say about your health by looking to your lips and mouth?

Sometimes we don’t pay much attention to small imperfections on your skin or lips. Usually they are caused by bad nutrition or wrong cosmetic products that we are using. However, you should not ignore any changes on your body as they can also warn about some diseases. You may thing these are totally insignificant symptoms, but they can be very important.

Chapped lips. Lips can get chapped because of cold weather or dry air. However, lips can get chapped also because of lack of vitamin B2. If you also suffer from hair loss, it is definitely a sign that your body needs more vitamin B2. You can find this vitamin in soya, fish, eggs and some other products. Dry lips can also be a sign of diabetes or weak immune system.

Bad breath. Usually we have bad breath if we eat garlic, onion or something spicy. If we get hungry, we can also have bad breath. However, if you constantly have this problem, you should pay attention to your gums and stomach. Bad breath can be caused by plaque bacteria if we don’t take good care of our teeth and mouth hygiene. Sometimes, bad breath can be caused by gastrointestinal diseases, improper diet or long fasting.

White coating on your tongue. This usually happens if we don;t eat enough or if we are starving. Also it can warn about getting flu. If your tongue has white coating and a tip of your tongue is red, it can be a warning that you are likely to develop inflammation if stomach lining.

Dry mouth. It is ok is you have dry mouth because of hot weather, stress or if you are exited. However, sometimes this can mean that your body lacks vitamin B3. You can find it in beans, peas, nuts and mushrooms. Also this can be a sign of salivary glands inflammation. A cause of salivary gland dysfunction can be various diseases of internal organs, oncological diseases, diabetes, it can also be a side effect of some medications.

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