What herbs can replace synthetic medicine?

Every time we get cold, we remember herbs. They help not only to deal with a runny nose, sore throat but help to improve overall health and prevent complications. In most of occasions, we use those plants that include phytoncides that in other words are called herbal antibiotics. They kill not only bacteria but also viruses, what is fundamentally different from those antibiotics we buy in pharmacies.

Doctors tend to offer using herbs next to synthetic antibiotic therapy. However, there are situations when it should be a priority product because natural medicine powerfully stimulates our immunity and gives fewer side effects. When suffering from cold, it is recommended to start using chamomile tea. In addition, try to eat as much as possible of garlic and onion. However, garlic does not always helps, so what are the other herbs that can be used?

The list of plants that effectively fight against colds is truly stunning. However, using them all at once is not really worth it. Usually, the selected herbs help combat the problem, so keep in mind that coughing clears out with a help of tea from chamomile flowers, eucalyptus leaves, pine buds, oregano, sage leaves, thyme and rosemary. If the cold persists, it is recommended to drink calendula tea. Garlic, black radish and onion are also very effective but they are not recommended for patients with gastritis or ulcers. These patients are recommended to use chamomile, calendula or fleabane. In the meanwhile, oregano tea not only helps to stop cold, but also calms nervous system – that is quite important in diseases such as gastritis. If you suffer from fever, it is recommended drinking tea of raspberry and lime buds. Keep in mind that you must drink much fluid when suffering from cold.

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