What supplements should you take?

There are tons of supplements that you can by in the pharmacy, so it is not that easy to choose. Some of them may strengthen immunity, others help to lose weight or improve your memory. Listen to your body and what it needs. The choice should be made on your goals.

Here is when should you start using food supplements:

• You receive too little nutrients with food (unbalanced diet, too little fresh fruits and vegetables, eating irregularly and so on).

• You have impaired uptake of nutrients in your intestines (especially if you have certain intestinal diseases, diarrhea and so on).

• You have increased fluid loss (when sweating, having fever, etc.)

• You have increased needs of nutrients (exercising a lot, have a diet, have a physical work, if you are pregnant, etc.).

Dietary supplements help ensure well-being, health and good appearance. They provide all necessary trace elements and minerals, regulate work of internal organs, cleanse your body from harmful substances.

The best choice is multiple dietary supplements made from 6-20 components. In most cases the body is missing a few minerals and vitamins. However, dietary supplements should be chosen carefully and you should avoid overdosing. It is always good to consult your doctor first.


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