What to drink if you spend long hours in front of computer?

American scientists have concluded that tea with honey is not only a good medication to treat cold, but it can also protect your sys from harmful effects of computer. Eye fatigue and tension is very well known for those who spend long hours in front of computer. In order to protect them, doctors recommend drinking tea with honey.

You probably already know that you should rest your eyes after each work hour. A small break is enough to prepare a cup of tea. But instead of adding sugar, get some honey.

Honey is used for patients with neurological and cardiovascular diseases. It also improves metabolism, helps to fight stress and insomnia. What is more, honey is a great medication if you have headache, cold or respiratory organs diseases. It improves blood circulation and normalizes blood pressure.

As always, you shouldn’t exaggerate with anything. The same should be said about honey. Not only it has many calories, but also sugar. 3 cups of tea with honey is a right amount for an adult.


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