Why our feet start freezing?

If you want to know exactly why your hands and feet are constantly freezing, you should visit your doctor because it may be a symptom of serious illness. However, it may also be a very simple reason why your fingers or toes feeling cold – clothes that you wrongfully choose. To keep your feet dry and warm, choose cotton, wool, polyester and polypropylene blends. Pure cotton shouldn’t be admired – though it is perfect for a heat, it is helpless when it is cold.

Raynaud’s syndrome may also be one of the causes why your hands and feet suffer from cold. This disease is closely connected to stress which additionally calls out blood disorders in the smallest arteries that bring blood to the fingers or toes. Because of the Rynauld’s toes normally start becoming white and even blue and after being warmed up they turn into red and start swelling. When blood circulation is recovered, you feel the pain which may be almost unbearable sometimes. People suffering from this disease may not even need to use drugs but they should make some minor lifestyle changes like starting to exercise in order to improve blood circulation and prevent blood vessels contract. The attack of Raynaud’s syndrome can also be stopped or reduced by simply using the running hot water to make your hands or feet warm again. If this attack is caused by stress, first thing people need is to calm down.

However, bad diet can also be a cause why your feet and hands start freezing. Keep in mind that is not advisable to follow the diet during the cold season of the year when it is quite difficult to get enough useful nutrients and vitamins.

So, to warm even the most frozen feet soak them in warm water spiced up with pepper. Before going to bed, it is also advisable to keep your feet in two different baths filled with contrast water. Hot water should start at 30 degrees Celsius and the cold water should be around the temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.

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