Why You Need to Stay Hydrated

Many people still believe that 2 liters of fluid a day is enough to be fully efficient – this is false, and the bodies of people who follow this guideline are not at full performance. Water is one of the most important things human beings have to consume – this is due to the fact that almost all bodily functions require water. The blood flow, healthy skin, the ability to blink our eyes – all of these require water.

Obviously in the developed part of the world death by dehydration is not an issue, but if the body is even slightly dehydrated, your health can be compromised, and a variety of bad effects happen. Here are the four main reasons to stay hydrated:

1. Clarity of thought

Even mild dehydration (as little as 1-2 percent below the requirement) can lead to fatigue, impaired short term memory and lack of alertness. It is therefore especially important to stay hydrated when doing tasks that require a lot of thinking, that being said, any kind of task goes more smoothly with proper hydration.

2. Weight Loss

Drinking water increases metabolism, which helps burn calories, so simply by drinking water you gain less/lose more weight. Also, people who drink water before a meal, consume an average of 75 calories less at that meal.

3. Better Gym Results

If you’re constantly going to the gym and have nothing to show for it, you might not be hydrated enough. The truth of the matter is dehydration diminishes blood flow to the brain, the delivery of nutrients to the muscles, and slows down recovery. Bein properly hydrated also reduces the chance of injury, because of the role water plays in lubricating the joints.

4. Better Appearance

Hydration is particularly important for healthy skin – it makes the skin less dry, improves wrinkles and so on; it also helps prevent tooth decay.

This calculator will tell you how much fluid you need a day.

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