Yawning is healthy!

People yawn when they are tired, bored or or if they want to sleep. However, this involuntary breathing reflex is useful for us. When we breathe in deeply, more oxygen comes to the blood, our brain becomes more active and our eyes relax.

What causes yawning?

If we asked several people why they yawn, some of them would say that they are tired, others will mention boredom, few may even say that it’s because of frowst. The research has shown that yawning is a consequence of fatigue, lack of sleep, lack of oxygen in the room and boredome when brain starts stopping some emotion processes. As a result, some body functions slow down.

Benefits for health

Because of slow and deep breathing our blood gets more oxygen. Oral cavity, face and neck muscles accelerate blood circulation in the brain and activate its processes. Scientists have also noticed that because of high emotional stress, people hold the breath and their organism try to compensate the lack of oxygen by yawning. It is believed that yawning actually reduces stress. When we yawn, we also close our eyes. This is a great exercise for the eyes.

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