You must stop drinking instant coffee!

Coffee powder has become an irreplaceable product in both home and office. A lot of people are not capable to imagine any of their work day without a cup of coffee in the beginning of the day. However, they also don’t realize that despite the toning and refreshing properties, coffee powder may unnoticeable affect human’s health.
When working, preparing a cup of organic coffee is not always possible and that is why people (for their unfortunate happiness, as always) invented instant coffee. Coffee beans are baked and grinded, and then there are two processes in the production of coffee powder: coffee is boiled for about 4 hours until the water is absorbed and then passed through a filter and dried or vacuum drying method is used. The result of these two processes is coffee granules.

Coffee powder is not recommended for people suffering from atherosclerosis, coronary heartdisease, kidney disease and the patients suffering from hypertension, glaucoma or hyperactivity and insomnia. As well as normal coffee, coffee powder stimulates gastritis, heartburn and potency.

Coffee is traditionally associated with caffeine which is a substance that causes addiction. Instant coffee has 50% more caffeine than the usual, wild one. Have you noticed that the sudden refusal of coffee leads to “breaking bones”, sleepiness, sleep latency, headaches, irritability and nausea? If you are willing to make to refuse coffee, do it gradually, depending on the period of use.

Today, instant coffee has only about 15% of natural coffee materials. All other materials – are impurities that are used to minimize the cost of coffee powder.  You can also find various additives in your instant coffee, like barley, oats, grasses, deep powder and, of course, coffee husks, stabilizer and synthetic caffeine. It is also used to recover the flavors that are lost during a process of production. Most of these additives affect human’s body and may have toxic effect on it and cause serious health problems for the heart, liver and stomach.

4 thoughts on “You must stop drinking instant coffee!”

  1. You seem to forget that all additives must declared – at least in Europe I dont know how many years US are behind the Development to protect consumers, but it is common sense that instant coffee is a pure product
    GW, chemist

  2. I was hoping to find the answer to the additives or not in instant coffee question but manufacturers only have to declare ingredients not any chemicals that they use in the extraction and processing of their product – inevitably significant traces end up in our food and drinks.

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