5 health advices for you

You cannot buy health for any money. It may sound banal but it’s true. The only way to preserve your health is to take care of it now. And don’t do it just for special occasions. Do it every day. Here are 5 universal advices to stay healthy and enjoy your life.

1.       Exercise every day. Just 30 minutes of exercise per day will help to prevent obesity, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and escape from certain cancers. You don’t even need any special equipment or achievements in sports. Even a simple walk during your lunch break can be an excellent option for you.

2.       Laugh. Scientists say that 15 minutes of laughter on daily basis prolong your life for eight years! Moreover, sincere laughter and optimism will improve the quality of your life.

3.       A slice of tomato every day. It’s so simple, right? A small correction in your menu can protect from cardiovascular diseases which are considered to be one of the most common cause of death nowadays.  Scientists have estimated that bioactive substances in tomatos may reduce a risk of getting cardiovascular diseases in 30%.

4.       Spend more time with your family. Physical contact with your closest people normalizes the pressure, helps to combat anxiety, depression and even alcoholism.

5.       Charms of classical music. Music therapy is a treatment for various diseases. A properly selected music helps to prevent various health problems. For example, Mozart improves you body tone, mood and accelerates metabolism. Beethoven normalizes heart function, lowers blood pressure and relaxes muscles. So what music vitamins do you need today?

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